Boynton Beach community holds candlelight vigil for driver killed in tragic crash

Nicholas Tedesco, a 24-year-old man who tragically lost his life in a devastating crash in Boynton Beach on Friday night, is being fondly remembered by friends, family, and loved ones. The fatal incident occurred along the intersection of Hypoluxo Road and Paxford Lane, resulting in the deaths of three individuals, including Tedesco, with one other person sustaining injuries.

Tedesco, who was employed at TooJays in Palm Beach, was honored during a poignant candlelight vigil on Wednesday night, where a multitude of individuals gathered to pay tribute to his memory. The emotional ceremony featured heartfelt anecdotes and reminiscences about Tedesco, evoking tears from the attendees as they mourned his untimely departure.

During the vigil, Shannon, Nicholas’ mother, affectionately described him as a “brilliant” and “special person,” highlighting the profound impact he had on those around him. Allton Coma, a close friend who met Tedesco in third grade through a chess club, spoke glowingly of their friendship, recalling their shared love for sports and late-night video game sessions.

Coma expressed the deep sense of loss he feels at not having Tedesco by his side for future milestones, such as weddings, lamenting the absence of his presence in significant life events. He cherished the joy and positivity that Tedesco brought into the lives of others, emphasizing how much he enriched the lives of his friends and family.

Tedesco’s vibrant spirit and love for sports, particularly softball and flag football, were highlighted by speakers who shared anecdotes of his adventurous and fun-loving nature. The gathering also paid tribute to the other victims of the tragic crash, Alexandra Doran, 26, and Adam Uwanawich, 35, whose lives were also lost in the heartbreaking incident. As the community continues to grieve the loss of these individuals, their memories live on in the hearts of those who knew and loved them.

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