Bodycam shows rescuers using narcan to save a man’s life after he ingested heroin

Jourdanton, Texas – A typical traffic stop turned into a life-saving event thanks to the impeccable instincts and training of Jourdanton police sergeant, Joshua Walker. In the heat of the moment, Walker used Narcan to resuscitate a man who had ingested heroin, despite the suspect having been released on bail for a previous crime and claiming to not feel well.

While the suspect did not admit to taking drugs, Walker noticed signs of distress and acted quickly to provide the necessary assistance. The man repeatedly insisted he needed to “break out,” further affirming Walker’s suspicions of a drug overdose. His training had prepared him for this exact situation, and he had Narcan at arm’s length; the lifesaving drug that is used to treat overdoses in the field.

With the ambulance en route, Walker flipped the suspect over and injected two dosages of Narcan right away. Four doses and two minutes later, the man in his thirties began to breathe again. In recounting the events, Walker expressed the hope that it would shed light on the drug problem that Texas rescuers face daily on their jobs. He affirmed the critical role that officers, paramedics, and firefighters play in saving lives and providing vital assistance to ordinary people or criminals on what can be the worst day of their lives.

Jourdanton Police Chief, Eric Kaiser, supports and admires Walker’s quick thinking, revealing that all ten officers in his department have been carrying Narcan in their cars since acquiring it through a grant about a year ago. Kaiser expressed his gratitude for the availability of the antidote, highlighting its immeasurable value in situations like the one encountered by Sergeant Walker.

As Texas continues to grapple with the drug epidemic, stories like these keep hope alive that the necessary measures are being taken to curb the damage caused by drug abuse. Sergeant Joshua Walker’s heroism in the line of duty serves as a reminder that often, it takes a split second decision and unwavering courage to save a life.

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