Boca Raton students inspired by U.S. diplomat

Boca Raton Community High School has gone all out this month of May, with a series of events aimed at raising awareness on mental health issues. The objective is to give students and staff alike support, advocacy and education as they deal with matters of mental health and wellness. May is recognized as Mental Health Awareness Month.

As part of the ongoing activities at the school, a much-awaited event was the visit of Boca High’s alumnus, and former diplomat, Courtney LaCroix. Addressing a gathering of students, LaCroix talked at length on various pertinent issues and touched base on the need for perseverance, the importance of mental health and ways to build the life you want.

“It’s hard when you’re young and you don’t have a lot of agency over your own life. But when you’re starting to chart your own path, I want young people to take ownership of your life,” said LaCroix, stressing the need for youngsters to take charge of their lives in order to chart their own path.

With a long and successful career in working with foreign countries, including transporting sensitive materials across borders, LaCroix knows a thing or two about resiliency and fearlessness, having had to hone those skills to complete her work.

The thrust throughout this month’s activities was to encourage, motivate and empower both students and staff to be more conscious of mental health needs, and to offer support and resources to those who need it. The school is working tirelessly to reduce mental health stigma, and to create an environment where anyone struggling is more likely to seek help and find it available.

Mental health issues are often hidden from the public eye, and few people feel comfortable seeking help. Boca Raton Community High School has done an outstanding job this month of raising awareness on this subject, and inspiring and empowering everyone in the school community to take charge of their mental health.

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