“Blaze Engulfs West-Side Buildings, Fire Crews Tackle Massive Fire”

Multiple structures were engulfed in heavy flames on the 900 block of SW 36th Street in San Antonio on Sunday afternoon, prompting the response of over 30 fire crews. The San Antonio Fire Department (SAFD) was alerted to the incident at approximately 12:45 p.m. after receiving reports of thick smoke and flames emanating from multiple buildings near Marbauch Avenue.

Upon arrival, firefighters encountered a massive fire that had consumed a vacant apartment complex comprising 14 units. Additionally, two separate residences were also ablaze, according to SAFD officials. The fire appeared to have multiple points of origin, strongly suggesting human involvement. Further damage was sustained by a fourth home and a large metal building in close proximity.

San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood revealed that a total of five structures were affected by the conflagration, but thankfully, the entire block was not lost, stating, “we’re lucky we didn’t lose the entire block.” Chief Hood expressed relief that all affected individuals would be able to return home that night.

The investigation into the cause of the fire falls under the purview of both law enforcement and arson investigators, who are actively seeking those responsible. Battling the raging inferno was exacerbated by the scorching heat, however, no injuries were reported among either the courageous firefighters or civilians.

Chief Hood deemed the fire suspicious in nature, necessitating a thorough investigation into its origins. As this remains a developing story, the search for answers continues.

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