Beware of Scam Targeting Home Insurance Savings Program

Officials in Palm Beach County, Florida, are issuing a cautionary alert regarding deceptive solicitations and flyers falsely claiming affiliation with the My Safe Florida Home (MSFH) program, which advertises complimentary roof and window replacements.

The My Safe Florida Home (MSFH) initiative provides individuals with the opportunity to secure grants of up to $10,000 to fortify their residences against storms, with the additional aim of potentially lowering home insurance premiums. Due to its increasing popularity, state legislators have allocated more funds to support the program.

Recent investigative reporting by WPTV has indicated that insurance premiums in Florida are projected to escalate by 7 percent, resulting in an average premium cost of $11,759. This financial impact has prompted concerns and heightened vigilance among homeowners in the region.

Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, who holds jurisdiction over the program, has disclosed instances where unscrupulous individuals have misled homeowners into believing they were enrolled in the MSFH program, only to leave them responsible for the entire repair expenses. Authorities are urging the public to promptly report any suspicious activities to program administrators or relevant enforcement agencies.

One resident, John Pavelko, shared his frustrations with the program application process after witnessing a significant surge in his home insurance premium from approximately $1,200 in the 1990s to around $10,000. Despite his diligent efforts to secure approval since September 2023, Pavelko expressed the arduous nature of navigating the bureaucratic requirements.

While Pavelko has not personally encountered any fraudulent schemes associated with the My Safe Florida Home program, he remains vigilant and confident in his ability to identify and thwart potential scams. Authorities stress the importance of verifying credentials, conducting thorough contractor evaluations, obtaining written estimates, familiarizing oneself with the inspection and improvement procedures, and promptly reporting any suspicious behavior to prevent falling victim to fraud.

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