Bay Area Responders Assist SoCal with Tropical Storm Hilary

Bay Area emergency crews are actively participating in the efforts to respond to Tropical Storm Hilary. Dan Coyle, deputy fire chief with the Menlo Park Fire Protection District, finds himself on a mission far from home. As a passenger, Coyle was caught up by NBC Bay Area on the road on Saturday. This team of Bay Area firefighters, comprised of several agencies, commenced their journey from Menlo Park on Saturday to lend assistance in dealing with the aftermath of Tropical Storm Hilary.

Coyle elucidated, “We have come here just in case they require any assistance or if we need to evacuate the public or conduct any rescues in this area.” Their task force has all the necessary equipment ready, including inflatable rescue boats, to tackle any emergency situation that arises.

Meanwhile, in Oakland, another team of firefighters prepared themselves with orders from the Office of Emergency Management to head to Riverside County and support the first responders present there. Designated as Task Force 4, this team departed from Oakland on Saturday. Their dedicated crews stood by on Sunday, extending assistance whenever needed, as local first responders worked diligently to rescue individuals trapped in rising waters.

Additionally, on Sunday, a team of firefighters from Marin County was deployed by the state to contribute to the ongoing rescue efforts in Kern County. Bret McTigue, the leader of California Swiftwater Task Force 11, elucidated, “We anticipate flash flood warnings to persist in much of southern California over the coming days.” McTigue, who also serves as the Battalion Chief for Marin County Fire Department, emphasized that his team of sixteen individuals will monitor the storm diligently overnight to assess its developments.

McTigue further emphasized, “It is crucial to remember, during periods of heavy rainfall, to seek higher ground and avoid entering areas that are affected by rising water.” This statement serves as a valuable reminder to prioritize safety and exercise caution during extreme weather events.

The continuous efforts and dedication shown by these teams of emergency responders reflect their commitment to safeguarding lives and property during times of crisis. As Tropical Storm Hilary continues to pose potential risks, the collaborative efforts of these skilled individuals provide a sense of reassurance to the affected communities.

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