Barnie’s Coffee in Central Florida Thrives for Over Four Decades

Barnie’s Coffee, a renowned coffee brand based in Orlando, Florida, has undergone significant transformations during its 43 years in operation. The company, whose name originates from one of its founders, Phil Barnie Jones, has always been at the forefront of innovation. As Shannon Wolfgang, the director of marketing for Barnie’s, explains, Jones, an inventor himself, introduced the concept of flavored coffee when he realized it was an untapped market.

Barnie’s quickly became one of the pioneers in offering flavored coffees, allowing customers to enjoy the rich flavors directly within their cup, eliminating the need for additional sugar, creamers, or whipped cream. Wolfgang emphasizes that the brand’s focus has always been on providing a unique coffee experience without compromising on taste.

Before the rise of giants like Starbucks, Barnie’s saw nationwide expansion, establishing multiple locations within shopping malls across the country. However, the company’s investors and business managers later decided to change their strategy. Consequently, Barnie’s closed down its mall cafes and shifted its focus to the flagship location in Winter Park. In addition, the company strengthened its online presence through, catering to a broader customer base.

Apart from online sales, Barnie’s products are now available in various supermarket chains, including Publix and Winn Dixie. The brand’s recent endeavors have involved collaborating with local businesses in Central Florida. For instance, Barnie’s has partnered with Ten10 Brewery to create a unique coffee-infused beer. In addition, collaborations with Se7en Bites have resulted in the development of delectable brownies and cookies featuring Barnie’s flavored coffee. These collaborations showcase Barnie’s commitment to supporting and engaging with the local community.

Furthermore, Barnie’s has formed partnerships with several colleges and institutions in the area, such as the University of Central Florida (UCF). The company has worked closely with UCF to create three distinct blends, including the popular Pegasus blend. Notably, for every bag of coffee purchased from either the UCF cafe or Barnie’s online store, $1 is donated to UCF’s food insecurity program. Barnie’s also extends its give-back programs to other educational institutions like Stetson University, Rollins College, and the Orlando Science Center.

Despite its wide reach and influence, Barnie’s remains a relatively small operation. The brand’s roasting facility is manned by a dedicated team of only 13 employees, who meticulously oversee every aspect of the coffee production process, ensuring the highest quality standards. The latest episode of the Florida Foodie podcast delves into the intricacies of Barnie’s coffee roasting process, offering listeners an exclusive insight into the brand’s unique flavoring techniques.

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