Authorities: Suspected smuggler, migrants attempt to pose as students to enter school after pursuit

Brackettville, Texas– Video footage recently shared shows the mayhem that occurred in Brackettville when a suspected human smuggler jumped out of his vehicle and seven migrants ran for cover. The incident happened around 8:00 a.m on a Tuesday morning and resulted in terrifying scenes at the Brackett Independent School District campuses. Parents were still dropping off their children and others were getting set to take their state STAAR Test.

Kinney County Sheriff Brad Coe frowned upon the incident stating that it is part of a repetitive sequence that has become increasingly worrisome to the county. Kinney County is becoming a hotbed for human smuggling as stated by Kinney County Sheriff’s Office. Mr. Coe stated that human smuggling attempts have increased this year, and officers have responded to 275 cases between January and April alone. He expects the number of smuggling attempts and arrests to rise to more than 1,000 by the end of the year.

After the event, the U.S. Border Patrol took custody of the seven migrants, and the suspected driver was arrested. Law enforcement officers have reviewed the school surveillance video which shows that the group attempted to blend in with the children in an effort to elude authorities. This development was unexpected, and Kinney County Sheriff’s Office has deemed it totally unacceptable.

Law enforcement agencies have volunteered to assist, including the Galveston County Constable’s Office and the Goliad County Sheriff’s Office. They have increased their efforts to put an end to human smuggling in Kinney County.

Title 42, a provision established due to Covid-19, is set to go away, and authorities in Kinney County are bracing themselves for an influx of human smuggling cases. Authorities implore Border Patrol to step up their game as it is uncertain what to expect in the coming weeks. This uncertainty is cause for worry in Kinney County and most, if not all, of Texas. Kinney County saw seven migrants attempting to gain asylum by enrolling as students, and that escalated too far beyond what was imagined.

Kinney County Sheriff’s Office stopped around 700 attempted human smuggling cases last year and expecting the number to increase by year-end. Kinney County Sheriff encourages Border Patrol to increase its efforts to keep the people of Kinney County safe, especially now that schools are open and children are vulnerable.

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