Austin Record Convention at Palmer Events Center is back

AUSTIN, Texas – In the heart of south Austin, the Palmer Events Center is currently hosting the largest sale of recorded music in the country. The Austin Record Convention has become a mecca for music enthusiasts and collectors, featuring millions of records and music-related memorabilia. With over 3,000 vendors, this event offers a one-stop shop for music merchandise, attracting visitors from far and wide.

Among the crowd of eager shoppers is Dru Green, who travels all the way from Houston to attend the convention twice a year. He expresses his enthusiasm, stating, “I come here every year to pick up vinyl.” The convention serves as a haven for vinyl enthusiasts like Green, who are eager to explore the vast array of offerings.

Upon entering the Palmer Events Center, attendees are greeted with a spectacle of hundreds of vendors, each boasting tables filled with coveted collector’s items. Since the 1980s, this three-day event has been a staple of the spring and fall seasons, drawing vendors from all corners of the United States. Green acknowledges the overwhelming nature of the convention, emphasizing, “You can find a lot of great deals here.”

Nathan Hanners, the promoter of the Austin Record Convention, sheds light on the event’s magnitude, stating, “This facility is like 44,000 square feet, and it’s basically full of tables of records, CDs, T-shirts, posters, a lot of vinyl.” Hanners highlights the convention’s focus on vinyl, but reassures attendees that there is something for every music lover.

For shoppers like Dru Green, the convention serves as a treasure trove of rare finds. Green proudly recounts his successful purchases, sharing, “I got a lot of CDs and a lot of different records, some of them I have been looking for, some of them I just picked up because they were here.” However, he warns others to exercise caution, stating, “If you like music, you have to really pace yourself because you will come in here and spend way more than what you thought you wanted to.”

The Austin Record Convention offers a unique shopping experience that extends over the course of three days. Nathan Hanners emphasizes that sales vary throughout the convention, with Sunday being the day most likely to yield significant bargains. He advises attendees to stay until the final day, stating, “Stick around Sunday after lunch. That’s when you hear a lot of deals getting made and people start selling boxes of records for some bulk discount and things like that.”

As the convention draws to a close, music enthusiasts have until Sunday to immerse themselves in this extraordinary event. The doors open at 10 a.m. and close at 5 p.m., providing ample time for one last chance to discover hidden gems and make unforgettable music purchases.

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