Austin police and Texas DPS sever partnership due to Title 42 border policy end.

The Austin Police Department has announced the conclusion of its partnership with the Texas Department of Public Safety citing the expiration of Title 42 and related border issues as the cause. This decision comes amidst a period where DPS has increased its deployment in the border cities. Consequently, DPS will be temporarily ceasing its operations in Austin, effective May 13, according to a statement released by Austin Police Chief Joseph Chacon.

Chief Chacon also mentioned that there is no set timeframe for the resumption of the partnership, but it is expected to take several weeks at least before operations begin again. This situation raises concerns regarding public safety in certain areas, as stated by Austin City Council member MacKenzie Kelly.

She acknowledged the evolving situation while still reiterating support for the important work being done by DPS at the border, adding that the city remained committed to ensuring safety. Kelly expressed appreciation for the cooperation between law enforcement partners.

It is worth noting that the ending of the partnership comes barely more than a week after activists gathered at Austin City Hall calling for its termination. The decision may have significant implications for the city’s residents and the officers tasked with ensuring their safety.

The next update meeting regarding the partnership between APD and DPS is scheduled for May 22. The duration of the cessation and the potential for this to impede public safety underscores the need for swift restoration of the partnership and a return to normal operations.

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