Attorney advocates for safety measures following child’s fall from Kissimmee Fun Spot ride

An investigation is currently underway into the Galaxy Spin rollercoaster at Fun Spot in Kissimmee, Florida. The incident occurred on Thursday when a 6-year-old boy fell from the 43-foot-high rollercoaster and ended up underneath the tracks. The boy was immediately rushed to Arnold Palmer Hospital with traumatic injuries. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS), responsible for inspecting amusement parks and attractions, has confirmed that they are investigating the incident.

Fun Spot has stated that FDACS inspected the ride and found it to be in normal operating condition with no mechanical issues. However, this investigation marks the first major incident since the Tyre Sampson Act was signed into law. Last year, Sampson tragically fell to his death from the free fall attraction at icon park. The Haggard Law Firm, representing Sampson’s mother, is deeply affected by this recurring tragedy. Attorney Kim Wald emphasized the firm’s dedication to safety and their intention to hold these entities accountable.

Wald stressed, “We cannot tolerate situations where children are falling out of amusement park rides and facing death or devastating injuries. This is simply unacceptable.” The attorney drew attention to a similarity between the Orlando Free Fall and Galaxy Spin rides, stating that both lacked a secondary restraint mechanism. Furthermore, a previous visitor to Fun Spot reported an issue with the Galaxy Spin rollercoaster. In her email to the company, she mentioned a worker advising her to hold her arm around the child she was riding with, suggesting that the ride was unsafe for smaller riders.

To ride the Galaxy Spin, individuals must either be 48 inches tall or at least 42 inches accompanied by an adult. However, the concerned visitor expressed her doubts about the safety of a 42-inch height requirement for this particular ride. Wald raised a crucial question, asking, “How does a boy fall out of an amusement park ride if he was properly restrained?” Unfortunately, it may take several months before more information about this investigation is made available to the public.

In relation to this, the Senate has passed a bill that would exempt investigations like these from public records. Wald emphasized the urgency to learn from this incident, stating, “If there is something we can gather from this, we need to do it now.” As the investigation progresses, the rollercoaster incident at Fun Spot continues to raise concerns about the safety measures implemented in amusement parks and attractions across the state.

In conclusion, the incident involving the Galaxy Spin rollercoaster at Fun Spot has sparked an investigation by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Though the ride was deemed to be in normal operating condition, this tragic event highlights the need for increased safety measures, particularly in regard to smaller riders. The Haggard Law Firm, representing the mother of a previous victim, is resolute in their pursuit of accountability. As the investigation unfolds, it is crucial to prioritize the safety of amusement park visitors and prevent similar accidents from occurring in the future.

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