Armed Man with Long Rifle Discovered by Devine Police; Walmart Reopens Following Temporary Lockdown

Law enforcement officials in Devine, Texas, conducted a search for an armed man who was reportedly dropped off outside city hall on Thursday morning. The incident, which unfolded about 40 miles southwest of San Antonio, prompted the Medina County Sheriff’s Office to issue a warning to citizens in the area, urging caution. However, in an update on Thursday evening, authorities announced that the man had been found.

According to reports, the unidentified man was seen walking along East Herring Avenue carrying a rifle, which was pointed towards the ground. He eventually made his way towards a large field between Gutierrez and East Hondo. The sighting prompted a Walmart nearby to go on lockdown for a short period, while student-athletes at a nearby school were brought indoors as a precautionary measure. Thankfully, no shots were fired, and authorities determined that no crime had been committed.

In a later update on Friday, it was revealed that the man’s mother reported that he had gotten out of her car and began experiencing an “episode” before going missing. The pair were reportedly traveling to Mexico when their trip was detoured due to the incident. The man was later spotted wearing a grey T-shirt and khaki pants, which were found near a bridge overpass along IH 35.

Initially, the Medina County Sheriff’s Office took to Facebook to inform the public about the situation, urging caution while emphasizing that no shooting had occurred. Local establishments, such as Devine Childcare Development Center and Devine High School, also posted on social media, announcing precautionary measures.

Law enforcement officials stressed that the man never posed a threat to the community, and as of now, he is not facing any charges. However, he was transported to a San Antonio hospital for evaluation.

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