Arium Apartment Complex: Multiple Vehicle Burglaries with Smashed Windows

Around 20 vehicles were reported to have been broken into at an apartment complex west of Boynton Beach, Florida on Saturday morning, leaving residents feeling frustrated. Two men were said to have driven through the Arium community near Boynton Beach Boulevard and Jog Road, smashing the windows of several vehicles in the complex. According to residents, at least 20 vehicles were damaged in total.

Many residents who spoke to WPTV believed that the broken security gate may have contributed to the break-ins. Although most residents reported that nothing had been taken from their vehicles, they must now face the burden of having their windows replaced.

One resident, Paulo Silveira, spoke to the media and expressed his concern about the cost of repairing the damage. Silveira said his insurance company had informed him that it would cost him a total of $1,000 to fix his window. He stated that he did not feel as though he should be held responsible for paying such a high fee and would instead claim the Homeowner’s Association (HOA) was responsible if anyone were to be held accountable.

Despite Silveira’s frustration, many residents in the complex noted that the area had experienced break-ins before. Last year, a rash of car break-ins occurred in the Arium community, and some residents believe that more needs to be done to protect their vehicles.

With the two individuals responsible for the break-ins still at large, local law enforcement officials are urging residents of the Arium community and surrounding areas to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity they may encounter. The local police have also said that they will be increasing patrols in the area to help deter future criminal activity.

For now, the residents at Arium will have to deal with the aftermath of the break-ins and work to repair the damage done to their vehicles. While they express their frustration and desire for the HOA to take responsibility, they hope that the police will catch the ones responsible soon, so they can have peace of mind.

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