Annual Daddy Daughter Dance at 2024 CHASCO Family YMCA Celebrates Family Bonds

CHASCO Family YMCA to Host Candy Land Extravaganza-themed Daddy Daughter Dance this Spring

In an exciting event for fathers and their little princesses, the CHASCO Family YMCA has announced the hosting of a Candy Land Extravaganza-themed Daddy Daughter Dance. This highly anticipated evening promises to be an unforgettable experience, offering a wide array of delightful activities and attractions. Attendees can look forward to a scrumptious dessert bar, professional digital photography, captivating caricatures, enchanting face painting, lively music, exhilarating dancing, and much more.

Mark your calendars for this enchanting occasion, as it is scheduled to take place on Friday, March 8th. The event will kick off at 6 pm and continue till 9 pm, ensuring an extended period of fun and enjoyment. The CHASCO Family YMCA Gymnasium will serve as the perfect venue for this magical evening, providing ample space for all the attendees to revel in the festivities.

To add to the excitement, the dress code for the event calls for the most enchanting Candy Land-inspired outfits. Attendees are encouraged to don their finest attire, exuding the spirit of the beloved board game. It is a wonderful opportunity for both fathers and daughters to showcase their creativity and immerse themselves in the magical world of Candy Land.

The event organizers have also released the pricing details for the Daddy Daughter Dance. Y members can secure their spot for a fee of $30 per couple, with an additional $15 for each extra Sugar Princess. Community members, on the other hand, are required to pay $40 per couple, with an additional $20 for each extra Sugar Princess. These fees cover the cost of all the activities and amenities provided throughout the evening, ensuring a truly memorable experience for all attendees.

Registration for the event is currently open, and interested individuals are urged to secure their spots as soon as possible. With limited availability, it is advised to register early to avoid disappointment. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to create lasting memories with your loved ones at the Candy Land Extravaganza-themed Daddy Daughter Dance.

For more information and to register for the event, please visit the official website.

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