Animals Rescued After Devastating House Fire in North Side of City

San Antonio fire fighters swiftly responded to a house fire in the city’s northside on Saturday afternoon, as reported by officials. The incident occurred at approximately 11:00 a.m. on Woodcrest Drive, prompting fire crews to take immediate action.

Upon arrival, San Antonio Fire Battalion Chief Michael Garcia observed that most of the fire was emanating from the back side of the house. However, upon entering the premises, the firefighters discovered a peculiar sight.

“We were able to extinguish the fire, and afterwards, we found some pets,” Garcia stated. He mentioned that the presence of numerous animals made it challenging for the responders to maneuver through the house. Furthermore, the amount of clutter on the floor added to the difficulty faced by the fire crews.

Garcia disclosed that the property housed five dogs, but the animal count did not stop there. In addition to the dogs, there were three birds, a Sulcata tortoise, and an iguana. Unfortunately, the birds did not survive the fire. Nevertheless, the other animals were successfully rescued from the perilous situation.

While the search for a possible second tortoise continues, no individuals were found inside the home. Animal Care Services promptly took custody of the rescued animals. Lisa Norwood, a spokesperson for ACS, confirmed that veterinarians thoroughly examined all the animals, particularly the dogs, which suffered from smoke inhalation. Currently, the canines are undergoing treatment and evaluation.

Despite the extensive fire damage to multiple rooms, walls, floors, and the attic, Garcia described the house as still “viable.” The origin of the fire remains undetermined, although it was reported to have started in a bedroom.

Furthermore, Garcia mentioned that the first fire hydrant used by SAFD (San Antonio Fire Department) was nonoperational, necessitating the utilization of a second hydrant located further away. Additional units were deployed to assist in securing an adequate water supply. Nevertheless, SAFD’s trucks had sufficient water to initially suppress the flames.

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