American Red Cross shares wildfire preparation tips

AUSTIN, Texas – As Central Texas finds itself enveloped in the throes of an alarmingly high wildfire risk, the moment to ready oneself is upon us all. According to the American Red Cross, the expeditious spread of wildfires warrants an unwavering preparedness mindset, with a departure at a moment’s notice being of utmost importance should such an order be conveyed.

In the event that an evacuation directive is issued, and one finds themselves in possession of ample time to make secure arrangements, the Red Cross strongly advises implementing the following precautions. Firstly, it is incumbent upon individuals to assemble and systematically organize essential emergency supplies comprising vital provisions – inclusive of sustenance, water, and medication – into both a Go-Kit and a Stay-at-Home Kit.

Moreover, proactive enrollment in emergency alert systems, securing alternative power sources capable of charging cellular devices, and acquisition of a battery-powered radio represent additional measures that must not be overlooked. These precautions will ensure that one remains apprised of developments amid a raging wildfire.

For further insights and comprehensive guidelines regarding wildfire safety measures, please consult the Red Cross wildfire safety webpage, which shall equip you with the knowledge required to navigate this perilous situation with an enhanced level of preparedness.

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