Allen Shooting: New Information on Victims and Attacker Revealed

More than two weeks have passed since a mass shooting took place in Allen, and new reports are still emerging that shed more light on the tragic event that took place at the Allen Premium Outlets. Eight people were killed, and several others were injured when 33-year-old Mauricio Garcia fired an assault rifle at shoppers who were walking outside of the mall’s stores. Reports that have come forth depict a disturbing picture of Garcia, who had likely planned the attack for at least a few weeks.

Details have emerged regarding the five of the eight fatal victims in Allen, revealing that two families were hit hard, resulting in a wave of sympathy and online fundraising from people across the country. The Cho family was destroyed when Kyu Cho, his wife Cindy, and their three-year-old son James were shot and killed by Garcia. William Cho, their other son who is six years old, was injured but survived. The owner of Eddie’s Diner in Plano, where the Chos were regulars, posted memories of the young family a few days after the shooting. The diner’s Facebook page mentions, “The Cho family stood out for many reasons. They were always patient with our weekend waits and always kept the boys calm. They were kind to our staff and ensured the boys used their manners. They were a great team and were equally devoted to taking care of their boys. Kyu was patient with William and always helped with the coloring activities, while Cindy helped James navigate his breakfast like a pro.”

A new report from NBC 5 has described the Cho couple as an ideal set of loving, compatible teammates. According to a family friend, “Even though Cindy was definitely a little bit more on the introverted side and Kyu was more extroverted, they kind of had this balance where it was like this perfect synergy of that energy.”

Eight-year-old Sofia Mendoza and her 11-year-old sister Daniela were also among the innocent victims killed during the Allen shooting. Their mother Ilda was seriously injured and is currently recovering after spending time in the ICU. A report from The Dallas Morning News described Daniela as an ambitious individual, stating, “She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do when she grew up, but she knew she was going to be a millionaire. She’d figure out the details later.” The article also described Sofia as an ambitious young girl whose goals were much clearer to her from a young age. “She was going to go to Brown University and then win an Oscar. Or maybe a Pulitzer Prize, once she figured out what exactly that was. She was going to live in Hollywood, of course, and own a library, too.”

CBS reported on Tuesday that Irvin Walker, an Allen resident who was shot and injured by Garcia, was released from Medical City McKinney on Monday. Walker had undergone several surgeries and now has a long path to recovery ahead of him. The CBS report also shared that four shooting victims are currently under the care of Medical City Healthcare hospitals. All of them are in good condition, as of the latest update.

GoFundMe campaigns created on behalf of William Cho, the Mendoza family, and Walker have each exceeded their goals, with the Cho family’s total donations nearing $1.9 million. On Monday, The Dallas Morning News provided a detailed account of the evidence that led law enforcement to believe that Garcia “had neo-Nazi ideation.” While some neighbors said that Garcia was “very friendly,” accounts from people who went to Bryan Adams High School in Dallas with Garcia suggest that what he did isn’t that surprising. A former classmate told The Morning News, “I didn’t really think he ever really had that in him, but if he did do something like that, then it would kind of make sense.”

In social media posts that were reviewed by the newspaper, Garcia seemed to foretell the massacre, although he didn’t leave behind a manifesto or written plan. Garcia praised the April school shooting that happened in Nashville, where six people were murdered. He also supported white supremacy, expressed his admiration for Adolf Hitler, and displayed his dislike for Jewish people and other minority groups. Perhaps the most chilling part of the report states that Garcia “posted multiple photos of the Allen Mall and a screenshot of Google Maps showing the Allen Premium Outlet’s popular times. The app indicated Saturdays right before 3 p.m. were as ‘busy as it gets.’” Police have said that Garcia opened fire just after 3:30 p.m. on May 6.

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