Additional warehouses planned near Allentown in central New Jersey.

Allentown and Upper Freehold Township residents, along with local officials, have banded together to fight back against a proposed warehouse development on Old York Road. The proposed construction site is seeking permission from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for a flood hazard area individual permit and freshwater wetlands GP-6, GP-7, GP-11, and Transition Area Waiver – Averaging Plan. The proposed development will include two warehouses, accompanied by sidewalks, driveways, loading docks, stormwater and utility improvements, and ancillary parking.

Documents related to the proposed Stein property development have been shared with Allentown Borough’s municipal clerk’s office and are available to the public upon request. The Borough council, working alongside qualified Borough Engineer, Carmela Roberts, PE, CME; Land-Use Attorney, Michele R. Donato; and Environmental Consultant Attorney, Stuart J. Lieberstein, is currently drafting a response statement and template letter for residents to use and oppose the proposed construction on the town’s borders. The statement will be available to the public soon.

Residents of Indian Run have been requested to provide information about any flooding on or around their properties with supporting photographs or videos by May 11th. They are urged to use a provided template below and mail their concerns directly to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection or to Borough Hall. Additionally, residents have begun a petition against overdevelopment and warehouse construction, which has garnered attention and support.

Active Acquisitions Upper Freehold LLC has proposed the building of two massive warehouses on Block 26, Lots 1, 2, & 3 in Upper Freehold Township. However, the proposed plan would pave over 23 acres of UFT farmland, which has been in use for over 200 years. The plan may require a separate wastewater management system, leading to more warehouse development, affordable housing, and higher taxes due to increased school district enrollment, making it a more complex issue.

Residents urge the Upper Freehold Township Committee to deny the builder’s application for any new variances tied to the proposal. They also request denial of any proposal that increases the truck traffic leading to increased costs for vital services such as police, fire, and first aid and results in higher taxes. The proposed construction of new sewers is also opposed. Additionally, there is concern about associated high density residential development, poorer air quality and light pollution, increased crime rates without a local police force to respond promptly, flooding due to an increase in stormwater, destruction of the approved scenic byway, and an increase in traffic, congestion, and emissions from more than 600 additional cars on the road.

Residents firmly believe that this mega-warehouse construction will only serve to degrade the quality of life for those who live in Upper Freehold Township, Allentown Borough, and the wider region. With the NJDEP seeking public input, residents are urged to share their opinions. The department only denies the builder’s application for a wetland’s waiver/flood hazard permit once they hear from affected citizens. Use the provided template below to voice your concerns and submit your letters by May 11th.

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