7 dead, at least 6 injured after driver crashes into crowd near migrant shelter

In an appalling tragedy in Brownsville, Texas, a man drove his vehicle into a crowd of pedestrians on Sunday, leaving seven people dead and six others injured. The suspect was apprehended and charged, but the investigation is still ongoing.

According to Lieutenant Martin Sandoval of the Brownsville Police Department, seven people died on the spot, while six others sustained injuries and were immediately taken to nearby hospitals. The authorities have neither released any personal information about the driver nor disclosed his possible motives. The driver is receiving medical attention and is under 24-hour observation. Besides, he is being tested for drug and alcohol use.

The frightening occurrence took place at around half-past eight in the morning, while the victims were waiting at the downtown bus stop. The site of the brutal assault was near the Ozanam Center, which is a shelter for migrants and local homeless people. However, there is no confirmation yet as to whether the attack was related to the center.

Although the driver has initially been charged with reckless driving, Lieutenant Sandoval informed the media that the investigation is ongoing, and further charges are probable. As per onlookers and witnesses in the vicinity, several covered bodies were visible on the road, and a group of women were seen praying close by.

The Brownsville attack is the second such incident in Texas, with an earlier shooting rampage the previous day, leaving eight people dead and seven others injured. While the police officers were able to eliminate the gunman, no identification has been made so far.

This is a developing story, and further updates are expected soon.

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