6 students go to hospital after second day of ‘worrisome smell’ at Caney Creek HS, firefighters say

After a “worrying smell” was reported again on Thursday at Caney Creek High School, six students were taken to the hospital. According to firefighters, the students complained of headaches, though their conditions are currently unknown. The Conroe Independent School District revealed that students and staff first smelled gas near the cafeteria on Wednesday morning. The school was evacuated while the Caney Creek Fire Department and Conroe ISD maintenance personnel searched for the source.

Although firefighters searched the building with gas detectors, they were unable to locate the source of the smell. The incident led school officials to fire students early on Wednesday. Investigators could not determine the origin of the smell, but the school reopened the next day. Then, on Thursday, the smell returned and firefighters and hazardous materials teams were again called in to investigate the source.

Despite their efforts, the source of the smell remains unknown. Even the hazardous material meters used by the professionals did not detect any gas or other contaminant. Speaking on the matter, Caney Creek Fire Chief Raymond Flannelly said, “These hazmat teams are professionals, they know a lot about different types of gases, even their meters didn’t detect anything. So, it’s a mystery.”

One theory is that the smell may be the result of a prank. However, such behavior would have serious consequences if discovered. “Let’s hope it’s not [a prank] because I promise you, they will be held accountable,” Flannelly added.

As of this writing, the district is still investigating whether classes will resume on Friday. Parents will receive updates and important information about the situation through the messaging system used to send odor alerts.

Those interested in viewing footage related to the incident can watch Air 11’s video of the student evacuation. Meanwhile, Adam Bennett, a reporter for KHOU 11 News, covered the story on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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