2.5M Vehicles with Urgent Recalls Remain Unrepaired in US

More than 200 separate models of vehicles have been issued recall alerts by manufacturers, warning drivers not to operate or park their cars or trucks due to serious safety issues that could cause harm. Despite the urgent warnings, however, a new data survey by CARFAX has shown that 2.5 million of these vehicles have not been fixed yet.

“Some people see it (the recall notice) and they think it’s a scam,” CARFAX Editor-in-Chief Patrick Olsen said in an interview with News 6. “I think some people see it and ignore it.” As of May 1, Florida ranks third in the ten states with more than 70,000 unrepaired vehicles. CARFAX researchers have found 54,000 unrepaired vehicles in the Orlando-metro area alone.

Recall alerts are rarely issued by automakers, and their gravity cannot be taken lightly. A “do not drive” recall advises drivers not to operate their vehicles because of a high risk of accidents or physical harm. On the other hand, a “park outside” recall is issued when there is a high probability of causing a fire, requiring owners to park their vehicles away from buildings, garages, and parking structures.

Automakers will pick up the vehicles, repair them, and return them at no cost, Olsen advised. He also clarified that every brand is affected by the recall, whether domestic or foreign. “If you have a car that has a ‘do not drive’ or ‘park outside’ recall, the automaker is telling you park it,” Olsen emphasized.

CARFAX’s report revealed that the top 10 states with unrepaired vehicles include California, Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina and Arizona.

CARFAX has created an online database that allows consumers to check for free whether their car has an open recall. Automakers also make a list of recalls available to car owners.

As recently as May 1, Jeep and BMW issued recalls for fire and airbag issues, respectively. Auto owners are urged to check with their dealerships immediately if their car is included in the recalls. Consumers can email [email protected] or text “make ends meet” to 407-676-7428 if they have any questions.

CARFAX Editor-in-Chief Olsen stressed the urgency of fixing recalled vehicles. “It only takes one unrepaired car to endanger lives,” he concluded.

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