“150+ Firefighters Tackle South Brunswick Warehouse/Office Blaze”

150 firefighters are still tirelessly working to put out a commercial building fire in South Brunswick, New Jersey, which began at approximately 3:40 p.m. today, according to South Brunswick Police. The building, located at 2 Progress Road, was home to several individuals, including 15 workers who fortunately were able to escape the inferno unscathed.

Upon arriving on the scene, the first responding chief reported a working fire that had already spread to the roof of the structure and was quickly making its way inside. A second alarm was called in and multiple handlines and ladder pipes were put into commission to combat the blaze. Moreover, the Middlesex County Hazardous Materials team made their presence known to handle any dangerous materials, as well as to navigate through the smoke-filled environment.

As of 11:00 p.m. tonight, the fire was still raging on, keeping the fire-fighting teams busy throughout the night. Regrettably, extinguishing the fire completely may take until Thursday to accomplish. However, the fire appears to have been contained and will not likely extend beyond the building.

It is of utmost importance to keep in mind that the safety of the public and the integrity of the building is the number one priority. The cause for the fire is still unknown, and updates will be made available as more information is gained throughout the course of the investigation.

In addition, local residents are advised to stay clear of the affected area to ensure their safety and not distract the first responders from their vital work.

Though the South Brunswick community may be experiencing a difficult evening, one may take solace in knowing that the brave firefighters who put their lives on the line to protect others are approaching daybreak with all the determination and vigor they began the fight with.

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